Our Story

The History of Big Nose Winery

The Origins of Big Nose Winery

In the heart of Old Town, nestled within the historic Temecula Hotel, you'll find Big Nose Winery, our cherished family endeavor. Roger, our meticulous winemaker, alongside his wife Janice and their son Matthew, guide the vision of this local gem.

The Spark that Lit the Fire

Our love affair with wine began with family trips to renowned vineyards, where the fusion of culture, company, and exquisite wine left an indelible mark. However, our true journey began after an inspiring conversation with the Orange County Wine Society. They shared tales of homemade wines and ignited our interest in crafting our own. It wasn't just about enjoying a good bottle anymore; it was about creating one.

From Garage to Grandeur

2012 marked our foray into winemaking. With the first grapes sourced from Paso Robles and Sonoma County, our three-car garage transformed into a bustling winery. Nights turned into mornings as Roger, with Janice by his side, experimented tirelessly, balancing science with art. The joy of witnessing grapes metamorphose into complex wines was intoxicating. What started as a home project soon evolved into Big Nose Winery.

A Journey of Dedication

While Roger's background lay in the automotive industry, his heart always yearned for the world of wine. His innate project-oriented nature paired seamlessly with the intricate processes of winemaking. To refine his craft, Roger undertook the Enology program at Missouri State University, emerging as a certified enologist. This was more than a career shift; it was the realization of a dream.

Our Commitment to You

Big Nose Winery stands as a testament to unwavering passion and dedication. We are committed to producing impeccable wines – well-balanced, flavorful, and crafted with love. As you explore our selection, we hope you sense the journey, the commitment, and the family spirit in every sip.

  • 2023

    2020 Merlot | Gold

    2020 Cabernet Sauvignon | Silver

    2020 Sumptuous | Silver

    2020 Malbec | Silver

    2021 Viognier | Silver

  • 2022

    2019 Cabernet Franc | Gold

    2019 Proprietary Red | Gold

    2019 Meritage | Silver

    2019 Sumptuous | Silver

  • 2021

    2018 Malbec | Silver

    2018 Merlot | Silver

    2018 Winemaker Blend | Silver

    2018 BDX | Silver

    2018 Cabernet Sauvignon | Bronze

    2018 Meritage | Bronze

  • 2019

    2018 Sauvignon Blanc | Double Gold

    2018 Rose | Double Gold


Do you have regular hours for wine tasting?

Yes, we welcome guests for wine tasting sessions from Thursday to Sunday. Please check our hours of operation.

How much does the Wine Tasting cost?

Our Wine Tasting flight features a selection of 5 wines, with each pour being 1 oz. The tasting experience is priced at $20. For an additional $5, you can receive a logo glass, making it $25 in total.

How can I join the wine club?

You have two convenient ways to join! Either sign up directly through our wine club membership page on our website or visit us in person at our Temecula tasting room.

Can I order wines online?

Yes, you can easily place your order through our website. Please note, we currently ship exclusively to California residents.

Do you offer any discounts?

Absolutely! Our wine club members enjoy exclusive discounts on every purchase. Additionally, we occasionally host events with special discounts on select wines.

Do you suggest food pairings for your wines?

Of course! We believe wine and food together create an extraordinary experience. For pairing suggestions, visit the product page of the wine you're interested in.

Do you host private events at the winery?

Yes, we're delighted to host private events. If you're interested in booking, please reach out to Janice at 951-515-3229.

Where do you source your grapes from?

We take pride in sourcing our grapes from some of California's most renowned wine regions, including Temecula, Paso Robles, Sonoma, Lodi, Napa, Fallbrook, and Warner Springs.

What is your winemaking philosophy or focus?

Our guiding principle is "aroma comes first." Our dedication to crafting wines revolves around the aroma, flavor profile, and ensuring a memorable wine tasting experience for all.

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